MovingSOS about us:

MovingSOS is the great one-stop solution platform for movers like you who wish to save time and money with maximum efficiency and minimum stress. With us you can increase your revenues and lower your business expansions.

Our Co-Founder is in the global moving business since 1996, starting his headquarters in NY State and ever since building and handling a carefully selected team of experts in the moving solution field.

Our team has come up with a user-friendly and complete web-based platform, using its knowledge and experience in our respective areas of expertise.

We are committed to top quality service. We work only with properly insured and licensed companies, which maintain our prestige in the moving industry.

Use our ‘Jobs on Demand’ module to increase your moving company’s revenue -

We offer quality leads with the lowest rate in the market on our Lead Bank board. You can also easily find signed contracts on our Booked Jobs Exchange board. Another useful board we’ve got is the load locator finder where you can easily find available loads to be shipped or either posts your available loads to be shipped by others.

Use our ‘Saving Center’ module to reduce your moving company’s expenses -

We provide free discount coupons to be printed and used for all kind of moving needs which are offered by the leading suppliers in the moving industry.

Our special group buying module gives the small moving businesses the chance to buy many products in the same prices the huge companies do.

In addition, movers like you can find all products you need for your ongoing activity in our On-line store.

Our bulletin boards give you a wide arena of 2nd hand board to sell / buy products that you need and use on daily bases. Another unique and efficient service we give is our Hiring Center board that lets you advertise job positions you wish to hire for your moving company.