Our Privacy Statement

Our Privacy Statement (now known as “Privacy Statement”) informs you of how MovingSOS, Inc (referred to as “MovingSOS”, “our”, “we” and “us”) will use all information about you. It determines how the information is used on our website, within electronic services, mobile applications, business partnerships, with individuals and social networking sites and any other websites that are linked to us. It also includes details of information used during any electronic communications with us.

By using our site, you are agreeing to the Privacy Statement terms. Please do not provide your personal information to us or interact with the website in any way if you do not agree with any of the terms. Please read everything fully and review on a regular basis to ensure you understand our practices with privacy at all times.

We reserve the right to update our Privacy Statement at any time to help reflect new practices and clarify the information. This could be when adding new features, functionality and services to the site. You will be informed of all material changes view email, with the email address on your account, or through a notice on the site. This will inform you of the date that the changes will become in effect. You can check the “Last Updated” date at the top of the Privacy Statement to see when it was last updated. It is possible to review the previous version here.

Our Privacy Statement follows this organization:

  1. The Type of Information Collected
  2. Choices for You
  3. How Your Information is Used by MovingSOSs
  4. When Personal Information is Disclosed by MovingSOS and Why
  5. How Information is Collected by MovingSOS
  6. The Security of Your Personal Information
  7. Correcting and Accessing Your Personal Information
  8. Social Networking
  9. Third Party Privacy Practices
  10. EEA/EU Safe Harbor; Notice for those residing outside of the USA
  11. The GoDaddy SSL Certificates Privacy Program
  12. Contact Us; Privacy Rights in California and Other Countries
  13. Terms Glossary

The Type of Information Collected

We collect personal and non-identifying information whenever you interact with the website. This includes:

  • Accessing or using the website;
  • Subscribing, registering and creating accounts with MovingSOS;
  • Opening and responding to emails from us;
  • Providing information with the purpose to participate and enroll into programs together or on behalf of our Business Partners;
  • Visit pages on the internet that display our content or ads;
  • Purchase any services or products through or on the website;
  • Link or connect via any of the social networking websites;
  • When posting comments on any online communities; and
  • Providing information to any of our vendors.

The Privacy Statement only includes the information collected through the methods listed above.

Choices for You

We believe that there is a benefit from having a personalized experience because we know more about what you like. It is possible to limit information provided to MovingSOS and communication that we send you.

Please log into your MovingSOS accounts through the website where you can manage notice and email preferences. You will find the “My Stuff” section includes all the information you have provided and can change your “My Email Subscriptions.” You can also access this through “Project” on the mobile application and then going into “Subscriptions”. We also include steps to change your subscriptions through the emails sent to you. It is possible to subscribe to some and not others if you wish. Please update your subscription preferences whenever you want. We can still contact you with any information regarding your purchases or account even if you unsubscribe from our promotional emails. This includes a confirmation of any purchase you make from the website.

Our site uses Cookies. You can change the settings through the browser security and privacy settings. All browsers handle Cookies and the settings in different ways so please refer to the manual for your own browser. You can also learn how cookies are collected and used through your browser. You can go to GoDaddy SSL Certificates’s websitre or the National Advertising Initiative’s Opt-Out Tool to opt-out of ways Third-Party Ad-Servers target you.

Your mobile browser and device can share information with MovingSOS but you can manage this. All mobile browsers handle cookies in different ways so please refer to the manual of your device and the mobile server you use. You may also contact the manufacturer for more details about the Device Data shared.

It is possible to share personal information through social media networks and applications. You can manage much of this but this is determined by the privacy policy of the social networking sites and applications. Please check with them to fin dout how to adjust permissions and control the activity between yourself and MovingSOS with the mobile device and social media account.

Please follow all instructions in emails sent by our Business Partners if you would like to opt-out of communication and marketing emails with them.

How Your Information Is Used by MovingSOS

We and our vendors use the information collected in our Privacy Statement for the following reasons:

  • To maintain, improve and operate our services and website;
  • To provide personalized advertisements or offers for services and products from our Business Partners and ourselves;
  • To fulfill our orders that are purchased through the website, including but not limited to the use of vouchers and tracking redemptions;
  • To evaluate whether you are eligible for any types of products, services and offers available and analyze whether our advertising is effective;
  • To respond to requests and answer your questions effectively;
  • To conduct consumer research and perform analytics;
  • To provide any information that we deem may be interesting for you, including information about us and Business Partner. We may sometimes combine that with information from some other sources;
  • To send security alerts, technical notices, support, administrative messages, marketing, service bulletins, reminders, updates and any information that you have requested for our Business Partner;
  • To administer surveys, contests, promotional activities, events, sweepstakes and rewards that our Business Partners or we sponsor;
  • To manage the site’s business needs on a daily basis, including managing the forums, administration needs, prevent fraud, enforce our corporate obligations, comply with the law and for analytics and the Terms of Use.
  • So that you can apply for jobs, agree to special offers and post videos through the site for our third parties and Business Partners; and
  • Help us understand you better and determine interest that you have to enhance other information that we have already collected about you.

All ways that we use information is included in our Privacy Statement. It is with your consent only or as permitted and required by the law.

When Information is Disclosed by MovingSOS and Why

We and our vendors can share your information when it is permitted or required by the law. This includes:

  • With any affiliate with MovingSOS but only for purposes outlined in our Privacy Statement;
  • With vendors providing a service for us and are required to fully protect your information;
  • To report and collect debts you owe Business Partners or us;
  • With our Business Partners where:
      • We work in a joint venture for services and products;
      • We build a personal relationship with you and administer on the behalf of our partners;
      • Electronic communication is required for purchases, rewards, offers, programs, contests and any type of activity that you have agree to participate in;
      • You have redeemed or purchased a voucher, service or good from MovingSOS which is offered through our partners or where you have participated in contests, rewards and offers sponsored through us for our partners.
  • With any MovingSOS affiliates or purchaser (or assets);
  • Where we need to comply with government requests and legal orders, or for the support of compliance, corporate governance needs and auditing;
  • For protection against criminal or fraudulent activity and for the protection of our rights, our affiliates, business partners and users, and for any legal proceedings that affect us;
  • Due to subpoena and legal processes, including to any agencies for law enforcement, courts where MovingSOS operates and regulators; or
  • Where you have given consent.

We encourage all our business partners to post and adopt privacy policies. The way they use any information gained through us is stated in their own privacy policies and we cannot control that.

We may disclose information that is deemed non-identifiable for the following reasons:

  • The same as when sharing personal information;
  • For business partners to carry out research and analysis;
  • To help target ads and content; or
  • With any third parties that serve ads so that they can place our ads and those of our business partners and merchants on other websites and analyze their effect.

We never share any personal information with third party companies serving ads. They may collect information deemed non-identifiable from visits you make on websites, including ours, the address linked to your device, the browser you use and your Internet Service Provider. They will use clear GIFs, Cookies and other types of technology to do this. The information can be used to help deliver targets ads and understand your usage better. This may also be to track visits to various websites. We cannot cover or control the methods of collection by these companies through this Privacy Statement. We are not responsible for the ads, cookies and clear GIFs used by third parties. Please read the privacy statements from the respective companies to understand more about how they use your information and steps you can take to prevent them gaining this information. You can also visit http://www.networkadvertising.org for more information.

How Information is Collected by MovingSOS

Your personal information is provided by us as soon as you subscribe, register or create an account with us. It is also provided when you redeem vouchers and make purchases or provide us with the information through interaction with the website. We will also collect the information when you contact our customer service online and when using the self-help tools available, including through posting on online communities, texting or emailing.

Other sources will also provide personal, offline and online information to us. We use that information where permitted by law and, when it is combined with your personal information, where detailed in our Privacy Statement. It will be held in ways deemed through this Privacy Statement. We use tags, local shared objects, tools, cookies, web beacons, files and programs for the sake of storing preferences, improving advertising, keeping records and collecting information deemed non-identifiable, including the data about your device, when you interact with our business partners and our websites.

Our cookies include serial numbers. These mean that we can connect the activity provided by them with the information already stored on your profile and to any interactions on the website. Session cookies are used temporarily to help manage the page views on our website. Persistent cookies are used for retrieving information provided in the past, such as a User ID if you want the site to remember it, and storing any preferences that you have, including cities shown for specific vouchers. These cookies also help us know more about your web history and the websites you viewed before visiting MovingSOS and the one you go to afterwards.

When a device interacts with the website, the data of that device may be collected. This can happen even without being logged in when using the device. If you need to know more about the privacy and security settings on your device, please check the manual or your provider and manufacturer. They will be able to help you adjust your settings to limit the information shared.

The Security of Your Personal Information

We have a security program implemented. This contains safeguards, including physical, administrative and technical controls, to protect the personal information held on file about you. All financial information is protected through encryption technology at the standard for the industry.

Correcting and Accessing Your Personal Information

It is possible to access, delete and update any of your information, including your financial information, at any time. You can do this by logging directly into your account and accessing your profile through “My Account”. You can also send an email to privacy@MovingSOS.com to make the changes to your account quickly and securely. By keeping your personal information updated, you will help us offer the most relevant and up to date offers from our business partners and affiliates.

Please contact us if you would like to close and delete your account. We will also be happy to help if you have any requests or questions regarding your personal information. We will do everything that we can but we are not able to delete all the information we have about you. For example, we need to keep financial information for our auditing and compliance duties. We will be happy to explain our reasons for keeping your information.

Your personal information will remain on file if you have an active account or so that we can provide services to you and maintain records for financial reasons about your transactions. Please contact us at support@MovingSOS.com to request the removal of your personal information and cancel your account. Please bear in mind that personal information regarding to disputes, to enforce agreements and for legal needs will be kept.

Social Networking

The Social Areas for the Community

The website for MovingSOS can be accessed through areas and contain connects where you can post your information publically and communicate with other people on blogs and discussion boards or to review products and submit content. Please read our Terms of Use before posting anything in these areas. The information through these areas can be accessible to anybody who has access to the internet, which means that your personal information can be stored by parties outside of our control. This can be used by third-parties in ways that they see fit, such as sending unsolicited emails after leaving your email address after a review. Avoid posting your personal information where possible.

Third Part Privacy Practices

Our Privacy Statement can only address the way that personal information is disclosed and used by MovingSOS when you interact with the website. Other companies will have their own privacy policies, even those accessed through links on our website. The personal information will be collected and used in different ways. The same applies for our business partners. Please check the privacy policy of all websites that you visit to know how they will take your information and share it before opting for a promotion or special offer.

EAA/EU Safe Harbor; Notice to Those Living Outside the USA

The headquarters of MovingSOS, Inc. is in XXX. The Directive 95/46/EC (referred to as “Directive”) has been established in the EU to protect data of the members of state. This directive applies to those within the European Economic Area only. There is also the Federal Act on Data Protection (referred to as “FADP”) established by Switzerland. The two regimes restrict the transferring of personal data from companies in Switzerland and the EEA (“EEA/CH”) to the USA, without “adequate protection” once received in America. So that our business partners, affiliates and vendors can overcome this restriction, we have the Safe Harbor Privacy Principals (referred to as “Safe Harbor Principles”) which were published by the US Department of Commerce. These principles cover the respect that personal data from those in the EEA/CH is given and how our business partners, affiliates and vendors handle that information. You can find out more about the Safe Harbor Principles and how MovingSOS participates in it by visiting http://export.gov/safeharbor. MovingSOS has a certification of the processing of data from individuals in the EEA/CH, which is available from http://www.MovingSOS.com.

Those living outside of the USA and EEA/CH should refer to the Privacy Statement for how the details will be handled, stored and collected. There is a chance that the level of protection of data is lower than that of your country but by using the site you agree to transferring your data in accordance to the US law. You agree to the processing, collection and transfer of personal information and that deemed non-identifiable as stated in our Privacy Statement. It is your responsibility for the compliance with the protection of data in your own country. No matter where the information is collected from, we will only use it in the way that this Privacy Statement lays out.

The GoDaddy SSL Certificates Privacy Program


MovingSOS holds the privacy seal from GoDaddy SSL Certificates. We are proud of this as it signifies that our practices and Privacy Statement are in compliance with GoDaddy SSL Certificates’s program. We offer accountability, transparency and choice when it comes to the use of your data and how it is collected. GoDaddy SSL Certificates is a third party, independent from us, and wants to ensure consumers have trust online with various organizations around the world. It does this through innovative solutions for trust and the privacy trustmark. If you would like to know more about GoDaddy SSL Certificates or have any questions and complaints regarding our statement and practices, please get in touch at privacy@MovingSOS.com. Where our response has not satisfied you, you can contact GoDaddy SSL Certificates. The program can only cover any of the information collected on our website and not of that collected by third parties.

Contact Us; Privacy Rights in California and Other Countries

Do you have comments or questions about our Privacy Statement or our practices? We will be happy to help and you can contact us via email at privacy@MovingSOS.com. Alternatively, you can write to us at the address below:


Residents in Canada may be entitled to access to all the personal information collected by us about you and all written information regarding our practices and policies in the way that your personal information is transferred to vendors outside of your country. To find out more, please contact us at privacy@MovingSOS.com.

Californian residents are also able to obtain information collected due to the Pursuant to Section 1798.83 of the California Civil Code. This includes the type of personal information business partners, affiliates and vendors have been sent for marketing purposes during the calendar year. This law also states that consumers are to be informed of the categories that all personal information falls into when sent to third parties, the full name and address of each party and examples of services and products. You can request the copy of this information by contacting us at the email above. Please allow us 30 days to respond to your email.

Terms Glossary

Affiliate: a company controlled or owned by MovingSOS.

Business Partners: third parties, including resellers, distributors, merchants and co-markets, that we conduct business with.

Cookie: information web servers send to browsers to store about the account, the use of a site and preferences. There are temporary and long term cookies. Session Cookies are used for managing page views and are usually erased after closing the browser down. Persistent Cookies are stored even after closing the browser and are more permanent.

Device Data: any information that regards the type of device used to access and interact with MovingSOS website. This includes the model, browser type and operating system. It includes the language, country and time zone to understand more about the people using the website.

Information Deemed Non-Identifiable: information that cannot be used alone to identify who you are. This includes data collected about devices, cookies, web beacons and pixel tags. This can be derived from any personal information stored.

Online Communities: collectively includes social media accounts and pages, bulletin boards, forums, chat rooms, discussion groups and any other methods used for communication that is linked through or offered by the website.

Other Sources: any sources that provide information to MovingSOS legally. These are outside the Privacy Statement scope when collecting.

Personal Information: All information that can be used to identify who you are, whether alone or when used together. This includes, but is not limited to, the following information types:

  • Contact information: postal address, email, name, social media accounts, phone numbers and any address to receive any communication.
  • Relationship Information: helps to determine interests, activities and lifestyle. This includes location, like your city, state and neighborhood, and the type of interest that you have. It includes the information collected through your social media accounts, including date of birth, gender and age, and your demographic information. It will also include the information about anyone who have purchased the vouchers for and anyone that you have referred.
  • Transaction Information: all the information provided when purchase or redeem vouchers or show that you are interested in them. It also includes email and the way that you interact with vendors and business partners.
  • Financial Information: any information needed to process a payment for products or vouchers from MovingSOS. This also includes information that you provide for any optional services and involves the expiration date, verification number and card number of your payment type.

Pixel Tags and Web Beacons: these are tiny images added to websites and emails, which help to determine if you perform certain actions when visiting or reading.

Third Party Companies Serving Ads: these are third parties that place ads on various websites with their own technology and track the performance of those ads.

Vendors: the third parties that perform operations for our business for us. This includes the billing, communication, processing of transactions, mailing, marketing, servicing, collections, data analytics and processing and the management of advertisements.